Material Handling Laborer

Location: Herlong, CA
Technica LLC seeks to fill a Material Handling Laborer position to perform on a Government contract with a place of performance at Herlong, CA.

The Material Handling Laborer will perform physical tasks to transport or store materials or merchandise. Duties involve one or more of the following: manually loading or unloading freight cars, trucks, or other transporting devices; unpacking, shelving, or placing items in proper storage locations; or transporting goods by hand truck, cart, or wheelbarrow.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  
  • Personnel shall reset and repair equipment to Technical Manual 10/20 standards in support of the SIAD Operational Project Stocks mission.
  • Shall be responsible for the receipt, inspection, maintenance, inventory, condition code classification, storage, and shipment of equipment and supplies.
  • Provide personnel knowledgeable in the management, supervision, and operation of a Supply Support Activity (SSA) responsible for receiving and issuing supplies and equipment.
  • Provide personnel to support ongoing mechanical repair and RESET efforts, general logistics functions, and other supply and light maintenance missions to meet funded program timelines. This support is required for organizational Direct Support (DS) and limited General Support (GS) technical inspection, maintenance and repair of equipment end items and related support items, up-grade of tactical and power generation equipment, medical assets and related Soldier support equipment to include support for equipment returned from other locations to SIAD.
  • Perform documented inventories, and pack and prepare equipment for shipment that is located at SIAD but controlled by and directed for shipment by various U.S. Army commands
  • Business operations are conducted on a 4/10 schedule, operating 10 hours per day, Monday through Thursday from 6:30AM to 5:00PM.
  • Unplanned shutdowns of Government operations at SIAD can be influenced by parts availability, administrative shutdowns from higher command, and local administrative shutdowns of a short duration, acts of God, other emergencies, or other reasons. There may be weeks with no mission for work; there is no guarantee of work.

Security and Other Requirements to be met by all Personnel:
  • All personnel performing work under this task order shall
    • (a) be U.S. Citizens
    • (b) be capable of reading, writing, and speaking English
    • (c) execute and abide by Nondisclosure Agreements
    • (d) provide a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and current insurance certificate to obtain a vehicle security sticker to permit access to SIAD by their privately owned vehicles. 
  • Personnel working at SIAD shall be trained in SIAD Operational Security (OPSEC) before assignment to work at SIAD under this task order in accordance with AR 530-1. 
  • All personnel requiring access to SIAD databases and Local Area Network must obtain and retain a CAC card to facilitate computer access at SIAD.
  • All personnel performing work under this task order that necessitates access to Government computer systems or networks at SIAD must qualify for and obtain a CAC card to access computer systems. Accordingly, such employees are required to submit a completed DD2875 to the COR for signature and then to security who will grant system access. 
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