Electronics Repairer

Location: Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska
Technica LLC seeks to fill an Electronics Repairer position to perform on a Government contract with a place of performance at Ft. Richardson, AK

·        Responsible to maintain complete operational systems to include but not limited to such systems as
Erickson enhanced digital accessed communications, electronic public address, positioning and azimuth determining system (mobile and fixed), and various integrated radio systems. Makes complete visual inspection of items repaired for appearance, security of all connections and wiring and application of protective coatings, decals and legibility of markings. Makes final operational test and adjustments prior to the release of equipment. (30%)
·        Removes, disassembles, inspects, repairs, adjusts, overhauls, modifies, calibrates, aligns, and tunes electronic systems, sets, components and associated equipment such as commercial and tactical radio equipment, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, public address and intercom systems, remote control devices, trunk-radio related systems, hand-held radios, common types of transmitters, receivers, training aids, eye-safe laser systems, night-vision goggles, M90 radar chronograph, and other similar components or equipment. AN/VRC-83 has quick communications emergency vehicle trunk-radio system installation. Makes complete visual inspection of items repaired for appearance, security of all connections and wiring, and application of protective coatings, decals and legibility of markings. Makes final operational tests and adjustments prior to the release of equipment. (30%)
·        Replaces defective transformers, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, logic-circuit modules, microprocessors, junction blocks, rectifiers, switches, relays, capacitors, resistors, cannon plugs, wires, potentiometers, etc. Makes complete visual inspection of items repaired for appearance, security of all connections, and wiring and application of protective coatings, decals and legibility of markings. Makes final operational test and adjustments prior to the release of equipment. (25%)
·        Conducts inspections, diagnoses malfunctions, and troubleshoots to determine cause. Determines whether equipment may be economically repaired or declared unserviceable. Prepares required documentation for turn in of this equipment. Prepares unsatisfactory equipment reports of items failing repeatedly, specifying the nature of the fault and the materials necessary for the repairs if required. May be required to repair, troubleshoot, calibrate, and test electronic digital computer systems (tactical computers) and their components and auxiliary equipment. (15%)
·        Performs other duties as assigned.
·        Must be able to obtain and maintain a SECRET clearance.
·        Must possess a current state driver's license.
·        Knowledge of operation, capabilities and limitations of complex electronics systems. For example, skill in overhaul, alignment, and test of a vehicular integrated communication suite. Skill in relating the operating parameters of the various control consoles, monitors, amplifiers etc., in order to determine and evaluate the significance of voltage, current, wave shape, phase shift, etc., at various points throughout the circuits and to relate these to overall operation of the system.
·        Knowledge of electronic shop and trade practices. For example, knowledge of test equipment capability, standard practices for test and operation, theory of operation of the numerous types of electronic circuits, and their effect on one another. Skill in applying this knowledge to adapt test procedures to available test equipment, to develop short cuts to return equipment to operation in a limited time, and to switch from one point of theory to another depending on what types of circuit are being worked on.
·        Knowledge of electronics principles and their application to a wide variety of complex circuitry such as pulse-forming networks, time-delay lines, klystron operation, electromagnetic propagation, microwave techniques, etc.
·        Knowledge of operating electronic principles such as circuit elements, microminiaturized integrated circuits, antennas, signal behavior, microwave, electromagnetic radiation, transmission, oscillation, amplification, and display.
·        Must possess and provide their own general electronics tool set and have the skill in using a wide range of diagnostic and test equipment described. Specialty tool requirements will be provided.
·        Skill in applying this knowledge to troubleshoot and repair malfunctions where circuit theory must be used to understand the operation not only of individual circuits but the possible interaction of other circuits to create a malfunction for example, when circuits check out in one mode of operation but the same circuits do not function when used in another mode.
·        Skill in the interpretation of drawings, specifications, and schematics of complete systems, to recognize the function and interconnection of various assemblies and to troubleshoot the system from the schematic, following signal paths through a complex path of interconnections of components, assemblies, subassemblies and connection cable harnesses.
·        Ability to diagnose problems and determine corrective action for complex electronic units and complete systems such as cryptographic encoders/decoders, precision radar systems, and electronic switching centers.
·        Ability to see through the interaction of a number of complex, interrelated circuits such as timing circuits, pulse-forming networks, feedback stabilized high power amplifiers, etc., to determine not only the obvious cause of a malfunction such as a blown transistor but the interaction of factors, e.g., high ambient temperature and the power and duration of the signal input, which together caused it to fail.
·        Work is performed under administrative supervision. Receives work requests for inspection or repair of equipment directly from customers. Processes work requests, selects tools and repair parts and otherwise carries assignments through to completion. Works in accordance with available drawings, technical orders, or specifications. Responsible for knowing and judging the impact of repairs, that is, the effects that changes and adjustments will have on the related integral devices of the equipment serviced. Responsible for making further tests and alignments to insure that the completed equipment is aligned and functioning properly.
·        Work is reviewed by customer feedback and timeliness of projects.
·        Employee responsible for planning the work sequence and determines if equipment meets the requirements for serviceability, especially when working in remote-user locations. Employee is responsible for applying sound judgment in decisions, which contribute towards greater operating life and efficient operations.
·        Employee is responsible for ensuring documentation associated with the work request is complete and accurate. The mechanic at this level must keep abreast of technological changes in the occupation, and provide technical guidance and assistance to lower grade employees.
·        Technical advice is available for unusually difficult problems. Completed work is spot-checked for compliance with accepted trade practices and specifications only.
·        Work assignments require light to moderate physical effort. Employee frequently lifts, carries, or otherwise handles items weighing up to 40 pounds. Occasionally required to handle items greater than 40 pounds. Assistance is usually available with heavy items. Employee is often required to work in a sitting position for extended periods. Frequent standing, walking, bending crouching, reaching and stooping is required.
·        Occasionally, climbing and working in high places is required.
·        Work is usually done inside, in well-lighted, heated and ventilated areas. Work outside is normally done in good weather; however, emergency situations sometimes require working under poor weather conditions.
·        Employees are exposed to the possibility of cuts, bruises, scrapes, broken bones, and serious burns caused by electrical shock, RF energy, and hot components.
·        Subject to random drug testing on an unannounced basis.
·        Must possess a current state driver's license.

Technica is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EO/AA) Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, nationality, age, disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We offer health, dental, vision, short-term, long-term and life insurance benefits as well as 401K options to all full-time personnel.

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