Tool and Parts Clerk

Location: Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska
Technica LLC seeks to fill Tool and Parts Clerk position to perform on a Government contract with a place of performance at Ft. Richardson, AK

·        Requisitions, receives, stores, identifies and issues items to shop personnel. Converts shop terms to standard nomenclature to identify and locate items. Items include: tools (e.g., reamers, counter borers, milling cutters, die sets, chucks, jacks, tool kits, etc.), automotive replacement parts (e.g., carburetors, starters, fuel pumps, spark plugs, belts, transmission assemblies, etc.), finished stock (e.g., paint, grease, oil, lacquer, acid, anti-freeze, fuel, etc.), raw stock (e.g., steel, iron, aluminum, plastic, etc.), common replacement parts (e.g., plumbing and heating parts, nuts, screws, bolts, elbows, electrical connections, automotive wire, copper tubing, battery parts, etc.). Receives work requests, pulls and bins part necessary to complete work and prepare requisitions for parts not in stock. Issues and receives tools and parts to mechanics. Maintains status of tool location. Inventories and retrieves all tools on a regular basis. May perform minor maintenance (e.g., clean stock and parts, apply protective coatings, replace cords or switches, etc.). (25%)
·        Counts items on hand and reconciles count against requisitions for incoming stock. Searches bins for misplaced items or item re-count. Stores tools by marking, identifying, categorizing and arranging in shelves, binds and storage areas. Responsible for security and maintenance of all tools and parts. Performs inventories and searches records to determine the basis for overages and shortages. Makes preliminary determination and recommends whether to reuse, repair, or turn-in damaged tools, used or excess stock or parts. Recommends use of substitutes when items are not available. Refers to technical manuals, manufacturer's catalogs, shop personnel and local suppliers to determine substitutes. Monitors tool usage to determine their obsolescence. Determines if tools and equipment function properly. Ensures completion of necessary tests, calibration and repairs. Determines need for these checks by visual and operational checks and user reports. Prepares items for calibration IAW schedules. Reports discrepancies, shortages or damaged shipments to supervisor or pertinent supply facility. Prepares turn-in documents and returns overages to appropriate supply facility. (25%)
·        Maintains accountability of property book items listed on the TDA and Installation Hand Receipt. Assists to write justification for equipment, tools, or parts. Maintains records on TDA authorized equipment. Requests additions and deletions. Maintains and acts upon all CIPBO actions (e.g., submitting requests through the budget process, accounting of all issues, turn in of tools and equipment, etc.). Replenishes items by providing information to supervisor or supply personnel and initiating requisitions. Accountable for items and funds for purchasing items from Self Service Supply Store, local vendors, and miscellaneous purchase orders. Maintains credit card, associated files, contracts, etc. Purchases supplies, as required from local vendors. Uses out of town/state sources, as needed. Submits reports required by SOPs and regulations. Ensures all purchases meet or exceed standards set by Army, TMs, ARs, TBs, and SCs. (25%)
·        Drives trucks up to and including 4-ton capacity, to transport parts and materials throughout the post and on short hauls on public roads. Assists to load and unload materials. Operates forklifts up to 10000 pound capacity. Check cargo papers and visually inspects loads to ensure proper loading of vehicle. Completes trip tickets and fills out accident reports. Performs operator maintenance IAW established rules and regulations. May occasionally drive other vehicles for which licensed and qualified. Brings in barrels of oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, etc., transferring to barrels in POL. (15%)
·        Must obtain and maintain a current Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Class C with HAZMAT endorsement.
·        Performs other duties as assigned.
·        Must possess skill and knowledge to; set up and shift storage locations, considering numerous factors (e.g., available space, turnover, convenience of handling items, etc.); identify and select for issue items described by users in terms of their intended use; recommend substitutions and interchangeability of items; determine when tools and equipment should be routed to appropriate shops for test, repair, or calibration; determine when damaged and inoperative items cannot be feasibly/economically repaired; provide information on status of stock to the supervisor or responsible supply personnel; determine and keep adequate numbers and types of items on hand; and keep track of incoming project assigned items and the in process or planned projects to which they are assigned so to keep them separated from regularly stocked items. Must be able to operate motor vehicles and forklifts. Incumbent must know how to use protective clothing, equipment and devices and follow safety rules and regulations.
·        Must know: (a) how to properly manage hazardous materials when they become wastes; (b) who the emergency coordinator is; (c) what actions to take in the event of a spill or emergency; (d) location and use of on-site emergency equipment.
·        Supervisor provides oral and written instructions that indicate the work to do and the requirements of the general storage plan. Incumbent completes work within the framework of the general storage plan, receiving little instruction from the supervisor on how to do it. Incumbent makes decision and uses judgment to determine and select work sequences, methods, procedures, and techniques. Supervisor judges the quality and quantity of overall work on the basis of customer reports.
·        Performs work on hard surfaces and in work areas requiring standing, stooping, bending and working in tiring and uncomfortable positions. Frequently lifts and carries tools, parts, supplies and equipment that weigh up to 10 pounds. Occasionally handles items weighing up to 40 pounds. Brings 55 gallon drums of POL into the shop from the outside. Hand trucks, dollies and other workers are available to assist with heavier items.
·        Performs work, generally, in well-lighted, heated and ventilated areas. Faces exposure to drafts, noise, dirt, dust, grease, etc. Faces frequent exposure to possibility of cuts, scrapes and bruises. Occasionally works outside in extreme Arctic conditions (e.g., extreme low temperature, wind, snow, etc.).
·        Subject to random drug testing on an unannounced basis.
·        Must possess a current state driver's license.

Technica is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EO/AA) Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, nationality, age, disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We offer health, dental, vision, short-term, long-term and life insurance benefits as well as 401K options to all full-time personnel.

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